Jun 10, 2021

Small room with chairs with a guitar resting on top, beer bottles and popcorn on a table, and a table football table in the background

For many families, a garden room is the perfect space to convert into a unique garden games room. A designated space for your favourite activity will motivate you to be consistent with your interests. Also, you'll have enough space to share it with friends and family. Put your garden room to good use with these 7 garden games room ideas:

  1. Pool Room
  2. Kids Play Room
  3. Cinema Room
  4. Hobby Room
  5. Crafting Room
  6. Video Games Room
  7. A Bit of Everything

1. Pool Games Room

8 Ball pool balls on a pool tale

A pool games room is a classic staple of any garden games room. With the right decorating scheme and a little creativity, you can recreate your favourite pub games at home.

The best thing is you don’t need a large room for your pool table. You’ll find tables as small as 2 metres to fit in smaller garden games rooms, and it won’t take away any of the fun. Remember to give some clearance around the table. For example, you might need up to 5m x 4m to comfortably fit a "pub size" table.

You can add a small fridge to keep drinks cool while you're playing. Finish it off with fun sports decoration, and you have yourself the best pool games room to enjoy with friends.

2. Kids Play Room

Light coloured children's play room with a small tent and a wooden train track

Everyone needs their own space, and children are no exception. Building a playroom is a fantastic way to give your children their own space and keep your house tidy at the same time.

Remember to add plenty of storage space and get any decorative items like rugs or cushions in soft and easy to clean materials. And when the weather is good, you can leave the doors open to make indoor and outdoor play seamless.

Depending on your children’s age, getting them involved in creating and decorating the room will be a fun activity to get the family together. As they grow older, you can even turn it into a teenager’s den with a TV to watch Netflix or play video games.

3. Cinema Room

Projector in a dark room

For movie lovers, a cinema garden room is a perfect space to unwind. With your movie garden room, you’ll have the perfect setup for a cosy movie night with your partner. Or you can even host a fun movie marathon with your friends.

Get a large, comfortable seat to enjoy plenty of space to stretch your legs, including a snack fridge and a drinks cabinet. If you’re feeling up for it, you could even get a popcorn machine for a truly authentic cinema experience. And in the summer you could leave the doors open to get a fun outdoor cinema flair.

To get the best cinema experience at home, read our guide on How to Build a Garden Cinema Room in 7 Steps.

4. Hobby Room

Hobby Model Kits Gundam Gunpla Toy Collection

Garden game rooms can be as versatile as you want them to be. For hobbyists, there's no better place to pursue your passion.

Bookworms and writers can turn their garden room into a cosy library with a reading nook. Add speakers to play relaxing music, a desk for writing, and all the supplies to make coffee or tea to enjoy with your book.

Other hobbies, like model trains or serious collecting, are ideal for a garden room. They require a bit of space to build and display your collections and store your supplies.

Yoga enthusiasts can turn a garden room into a comfy studio away from the bustle and hustle of the house, to relax and unwind at your leisure.

5. Crafting Room

Arts and Crafts Making in a Garden Room, Hobby

Another hobby that may need a bit of space is crafting. If you’re into arts like painting or sculpting, a separate garden studio can be a great idea. Keep all your work, materials and supplies separate from your home. This is especially important if you have small children in the house!

Even if you’re into other crafts like scrapbooking or knitting, having that little corner all by yourself is the best way to keep consistency and enjoy the fulfilment and relaxation they bring.

6. Video Games Room

Playing Untitled Goose Game on a Television with a Retro Controller

A garden games station is a fantastic idea for video game lovers of any age. It’ll be a cool place for your teens to hang out with friends after school, and to keep video games out of their bedroom.

If you or your partner are gamers, too, a garden games room can double as an office space during the day. Make your Zoom calls from 9 to 5, then spend the evening exploring dungeons in World of Warcraft!

Arcade or vintage games fans can build a games room to store their games collection. This makes an ideal way to hangout with friends in a dedicated space for your shared hobby.

7. A Bit of Everything

You don’t have to settle for one theme. With the right planning and decor, a room of any size can work as a multi-purpose garden hobby room for the entire family.

For example, you could add a reading nook, a space to play board games, a crafting corner, or a TV for video games and films.

Whether it’s playing card games, watching a movie or painting; you can't deny the fun memories these games rooms will create are worth the challenge.

So, you’ve decided to take on that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, and you’re keen to put that garden room to good use.

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