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Turn your fitness dreams into reality with Habin garden gym rooms

A home gym used to be a luxury, but nowadays they’re more common and more affordable. Without enough space in the home to dedicate a whole room to fitness, more and more people are using a garden gym to turn their fitness dreams into a reality. And don’t worry, we’re not talking about running around in the rain…

When you use your Habin as a garden gym, you’ll have all the convenience of a home gym without all the space they take up in the house. Your garden gym building will come fully insulated, allowing you to work out whenever you want, year round.

Why choose Habin garden gym rooms?


Use all year round

With a Habin, you will get a fully insulated garden office, so you can work comfortably year-round. We’ve used our building know-how to combine market-leading insulation, creating the best garden office space. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your Habin whatever the weather.


10 Year guarantee

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your Habin is built to last. All our Habins come with a 10-year guarantee and we’re always at the end of a phone to help you with any questions.

Your gym, your way

With Habin’s customisable dimensions and interiors, you can create the fitness space you need in your very own back garden gym. Smaller Habins can be used for a single piece of machinery – for example, a treadmill for all you budding half-marathoners – or as a relaxation space for yoga, pilates or meditation. Larger Habin sizes can be used for a full gym set up and are perfect for workouts which need a little more room, like weight training or CrossFit.

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