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Develop your passion with a garden studio

A garden studio is the perfect option for anyone who needs a little extra room for their passion but can’t find it in their house. Having your own studio will save you money from having to rent a workshop space. You’ll also have all the convenience of it being just seconds away from your door, so no more sitting in traffic after a long day of working. This is extra beneficial if you might forget things – nipping back up to the house from the garden is a lot less hassle!

Why choose Habin garden studios?


Use all year round

With a Habin, you will get a fully insulated garden office, so you can work comfortably year-round. We’ve used our building know-how to combine market-leading insulation, creating the best garden office space. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your Habin whatever the weather.


10 Year guarantee

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your Habin is built to last. All our Habins come with a 10-year guarantee and we’re always at the end of a phone to help you with any questions.

The tranquillity of a professional studio space

It can be difficult to get the peace and quiet you need from a creative space inside your house. A Habin is a space dedicated to your passion - be that an artist’s garden studio, a garden pottery studio, a home photography studio, or more - means you’ll be able to spread out and use all the space. Your Habin’s light, airy design and big windows mean you’ll have all the lighting you need for any intricate detailing. And, of course, it’ll have the convenience of being only steps from your back door.

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Is my garden room liveable?

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Can my garden room connect to my home's electricity supply?

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Can I have a garden room if my permitted development rights have been withdrawn?

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Can I use my garden room all year round?

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Do I need planning permission?

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Can my garden room attach to my house?

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Visit our Show Centre

We currently have two beautiful show Habins at our Show Centre in St Neots. Take a look around them and start getting some inspiration for your own garden room!